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500 old Fords to gather for UK Rally at the Heritage Motor Centre

Ford Anglia, owner and trophy
Ford enthusiasts will once again converge at the Heritage Motor Centre when it hosts the fifth Old Ford Rally. The show, which takes place on Sunday 21 July, is the biggest Rally of old Fords in the UK and expected to attract over 500 vehicles.  Old Fords and all derivatives, built up to 1986 will be on show exhibiting the tremendous range of vehicles produced by one of the world’s biggest manufacturers.

The show also incorporates the Transit Van Clubs annual Rally which takes place from the 19 – 21 July. Visitors can view a large number of old and new Transits plus meet up with fellow Transit Club members. The Street Van event, which is expected to attract up to 40 customised vans, will take place on Saturday 20 July.  

During the show visitors will be able to see everything from Model T’s through the cars of the pre-war austerity years plus agricultural vehicles, Thames and Ford commercial’s & military vehicles and onto the more luxurious post-war Zephyr’s, Zodiac’s and Granada’s including the Mk1 and Mk2 sporting Lotus Cortina’s.  There will also be a Ford autojumble, an arena with commentary plus a cinema showing Ford publicity films from the archives that are not normally available to view. 

Suffragette supporters will also be out in force at the Rally. It was just 100 years ago that the suffragettes, fighting for the women to have the vote, had one of their leaders killed in a prominent accident. Emily Davison was killed by jumping out in front of the King’s horse during the Derby race at Epsom. It is believed that she was trying to stage a publicity stunt by handing the King’s jockey the suffragette colours at the height of national demonstrations for the cause. Several car club lady enthusiasts will re-enact some of the demonstrations of that fateful year, 1913, as part of the rally.  Appropriately they will be riding in Ford Model T’s of the period and no doubt stirring up trouble in the crowds attending.

Tom Caren, Show Manager for the Heritage Motor Centre stated “The Old Ford Rally is a show for all things Ford incorporating traders, products, cars and parts. Along with the Transit Van Rally and Street Van event, it’s a fantastic day out and not just for Ford or Van enthusiasts!”

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