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Chester Boyd unveils London's first 'Livery Hall Crawl’

Karen unveils the Boyd Banger

Legendary Livery Hall caterer celebrates 30th anniversary with… beer and sausages (but with a twist)

Three ancient, esteemed and venerable Livery Companies will show their lighter side on 17th July – by embarking on what they have light-heartedly named ‘a Livery Hall Crawl’, to help leading city caterer Chester Boyd celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Loosely taking its inspiration from the idea of a pub crawl (but with rather more elegance) it is designed both as a birthday celebration and a showcase for the Halls’ legendary abilities to entertain in the finest style.

A hand-picked, enthusiastic and discerning fellowship of 30 event bookers, Livery Company representatives and media will gather first at – appropriately enough – Brewers’ Hall, before being chauffeured by Route Master bus next to Stationers’ Hall and lastly to Founders’ Hall. Each of the three venues will showcase inspiring hospitality in the highest style – with some pub-themed echoes. Some details are being kept under wraps, but organisers are promising a medley of beer cocktails, beer soused fish, beer marinated red meat and – intriguingly - a beer hollandaise.

Chester Boyd is refusing to be outdone during its anniversary year – and has taken inspiration from the smash hit launch earlier this year of its own cheese. Called Red Chester 1067, it proved so popular that the annual order was eaten in just three months. This time - and as the perfect accompaniment to the perfect pint - Executive Chef Karen Poynter, has developed “The Boyd Banger”, a unique red sausage containing pork, chilli, apple and sage. The pork comes from Nigel Fredericks, one of the UK’s finest suppliers of meat, poultry and game – and a family firm since the day it started trading in 1890.

“Beer is back in vogue and is wonderfully British,” said Chester Boyd’s Operations Manager, Andrew Bapniah.

“The same goes for the humble sausage, and there can be no better place to sample the best of both than at one of the City’s legendary Livery Companies. They really epitomise the best of British in a style like no other. On the 17th they will also show that they know how not to take themselves too seriously. We just hope our own modest contribution - the Boyd Banger - is as well received as our Red Chester cheese.”

Like Red Chester cheese the Boyd Banger will be exclusively available at: Founders’ Hall; Farmers’ & Fletchers’ Hall; Coopers’ Hall; Brewers’ Hall; Haberdashers’ Hall; Stationers’ Hall; Goldsmiths’ Hall and Clothworkers’ Hall.

Pictured: Executive Chef Karen Poynter unveils the Boyd Banger

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