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Belfast Waterfront takes centre stage

As film crews and actors flock to Northern Ireland’s shores to create award-winning productions, one of the capital’s iconic buildings, Belfast Waterfront, is fast becoming one of the most sought-after filming locations for both film and television productions.

Its stunning contemporary design wrapped in glass fronted panels, enclosures stylish versatile open spaces boasting ample natural light and spectacular views. Such characteristics have proven a dynamic duo in creating perfect backdrops to enhance and complement the storytelling.

With the help of creative production teams, Belfast Waterfront has over the years become unrecognisable and taken on a life of its own in many star-studded productions.

For example, in Mo, Channel 4’s biopic of British Labour Party politician Mo Mowlam, starring award-winning actress Julie Walters, the grandeur of the Waterfront’s 2,000-seat auditorium played an instrumental role in creating an atmospheric reception for party leaders’ speeches. Whereas in contrast its bright gallery areas were successfully converted into a baby store for the film Miss Conception, with Hangover star Heather Graham.

More recently, the Waterfront’s VIP suite was the perfect backdrop for press conference scenes in BBC Two’s biggest drama series, The Fall, starring the Golden Globe-winning actress, Gillian Anderson and Northern Ireland’s actor and model, Jamie Dornan.

Patrick Irwin, Executive Producer at Artists Studio commented: "We filmed at the Waterfront (both inside and out) for a number of scenes in our recent BBC2 serial ‘The Fall’ - the combination of backdrop and the flexibility and helpfulness of the venue during the shoot made the whole experience a very pleasant one that we would hope to repeat on the second series and we very much look forward to returning to the Waterfront soon."

“The Waterfront’s innate style and versatility have helped attract major productions and reaffirm Northern Ireland`s reputation as a world-class film location. Belfast Waterfront symbolises the new face of Northern Ireland - a vibrant, culturally rich cosmopolitan destination. Having such an image beamed across the world is intrinsic to bringing tourism to the capital and supporting the socio economic development of the city,” added Jennifer Patterson, Revenue and Business Generation Manager at Belfast Waterfront.

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