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Latimer Place to feature on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Secret Homes’

Latimer Place exterior
All eyes will be on De Vere Venues’ Latimer Place, this Friday as the Buckinghamshire venue appears on prime-time ITV show ‘Britain’s Secret Homes’ a five part series revealing 50 remarkable stories behind the UK’s most secret, surprising and intriguing homes.  

Today better known as one of the region’s leading conference and events venues, the series will reveal  that during WWII, Latimer Place played an integral part in British history, housing many German Prisoners of War who were inadvertently revealing secrets of great military importance whilst being held in the stately home.  

Living in relative luxury, the high profile German prisoners were allowed to keep servants, fine dine and even indulge in wine, however unbeknownst to them, they we’re being secretly bugged by British Intelligence Services with listening devices hidden in everything from lampshades and plant pots down to the billiards table. The information gleaned was considered of such great importance to the war efforts, the project was given unlimited budget from the Government.  

Helen Fry, who presents the show was recently quoted as saying "If it wasn't for this bugging operation, we may well have not won the war."  

This is the second recent TV appearance for De Vere Venues, with Theobalds Park featuring on BBC1’s Apprentice as part of the team building challenge task.  

Britain’s Secret Homes will air this Friday at 9pm on itv1.

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