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Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre practices ‘70-20-10’ formula to retain staff

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre long-service team members

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre honours long-service team members

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s (the Centre) ‘70-20-10’ formula in talent management has proven effective with the organisation recording less than 2% in annual staff turnover since opening in 2005. Last year (2012), this went as low as 1.3%.
Elaborating, the Centre’s Director of Human Resource, Rohizat Baharum explained that 70-20-10 formula entailed 70% experiential learning, 20% networking, role models and mentoring, and 10% course work and formal training.

“Every year, the Centre invests half a million ringgit in various training programmes with some 70% of the spending going into leadership programmes, professional coaching, management training and internalisation plans to meet our objective of developing a team of competent and skilful professionals.

“With training and development programmes being a significant component in our staff retention strategy, we actively collaborate with professional consultants to intensify and broaden the scope in the 70-20-10 formula.”

Covering both the soft and specialised skills needed for optimal employee performance, the Centre’s comprehensive external and internal programmes range from basic conversational English, customer service and cultural awareness to more technical fields such as emergency first aid, food handling, diet menu planning & understanding and leadership development, “all of which,” said Rohizat, “open up opportunities for team members to gain experience from direct exposure.”

The model has definitely paid off as 23% of the current staff force of 310 joined as part of the pre-opening team between 2003 and June 2005. “More impressive is the fact that 51%, or 158 team members have been with the Centre five years and longer,” said a beaming Rohizat, himself a 9-year Centre ‘veteran’.

The Centre recently paid tribute to the 72 ‘pioneer’ team members and as the ‘first man on the scene,’ General Manager, Datuk Peter Brokenshire became the first recipient of a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for reaching the significant 10-year service milestone.

A delighted Datuk Brokenshire said he was truly honoured to be the first recipient of this certificate. “The Centre is blessed with a great number of team members who have stayed committed since pre-opening and have remained steadfast in duty. This ‘backbone’ of the organisation has been key to the Centre becoming the world-class establishment it is today in a mere eight years.”

The Centre’s effective talent management has also seen team members progressing in their career; from Ambassador to Assistant Catering Manager, Sales Executive to Sales Manager and Security Officer to Duty Manager. Towards this end, the Human Resource Department continues to actively engage with consultants and trainers to further develop her Talent Management Programme to give internal talent the opportunity to undergo extensive curriculum training to nurture their growth and professional development.

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