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Impossibly possible for the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre team

Delegates checking out the pre-packed lunch box choices

Catering for over 3,500 delegates an easy feat for the Centre’s Culinary team

While the 3rd Women Deliver Conference 2013 recently held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) concluded on a high note, credit goes to the remarkable stint by the Centre’s 51-strong Culinary brigade who laid on impressive catering offerings to satisfy over 3,500 palates from around the world.

With 41 breakfast sessions, 28 cocktail receptions, one networking dinner for 3,500 people and a combination of standing and buffet lunches, the Centre’s kitchen staff had their hands full preparing meals for the delegates.

Commenting on the food & beverage (F&B) requirements, Executive Chef Richmond Lim said that besides ensuring delegates were ‘well-fed’ with a variety of local and international favourites, his Culinary team had to keep in mind special dietary needs such as vegetarian and gluten-free. “The need to offer healthy options has become significantly important these days. Cognisant of this, the team had to be adventurous in coming up with creative menus that appealed to this group.”

The Centre’s kitchens were kept busy preparing 1,700 lunch boxes of different menus comprising a main course, salad and greens, dessert and muesli bar, and apples on-the-go, every day. This was exclusive of a standing buffet for another 1,800 pax daily at the exhibitions halls.

Taking the opportunity to promote Malaysian cuisine, the Centre also served up more than 18,400 satay* sticks, 14,060 dim sum and kuih-muih** (local delicacies), 18,792 cookies, 51,756 bread rolls and pastries, and 11,292 kg of seasonal local fruits to the delegates who hailed from 149 countries. And the final beverage count was an astounding 15,200 bottles of water, 10,560 cups of juice, 9,680 cups of coffee and 7,600 cups of tea consumed throughout!

“I applaud the team for their commitment to accomplishing a task of such scale. They are an inspirational group of highly motivated professionals who, together with the rest of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre team, will continue to deliver excellence at future events,” concluded a proud Chef Richmond.

Pictured: Delegates checking out the pre-packed lunch box choices before claiming their preferred choice during lunch at the Women Deliver Conference 2013 held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

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