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The ICC Jerusalem hosts Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and other world leaders

Bill clinton at The ICC Jerusalem
It was just three months ago that the ICC Jerusalem was visited by the American president Barack Obama. His visit was a successful event which was internationally reviewed with great acclaim. Three months later, the ICC Jerusalem had the pleasure of hosting a long list of world leaders.

About 3,000 honored guests arrived to the ICC Jerusalem for a special event that marked the 90th birthday of Israel's President Mr. Shimon Peres. Amongst the guests were: Israel's Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, former Prime Minister of UK, Mr. Tony Blair, former President of the USA, Mr. Bill Clinton, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and other worldwide leaders. Alongside the diplomats, other honorable guests were Barbra Streisand, who also dedicated two songs to the president, and the actors Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro.

The prestige event opened the Israeli Presidential Conference, which is being held at the ICC Jerusalem for the fifth time. The Israeli Presidential Conference deals with major issues that have an impact on the future. Every year, the conference attracts worldwide key figures from the fields of economy, social science, culture, medicine, technology, science and more.

During the three days of the conference, wide range of panels and plenary sessions, round tables and workshops are held at the different halls of the ICC, with the participation of thousands of guests. Amongst the participants of this year's conference: Nobel Prize winners Prof. Daniel Kahneman and Prof. Dan Shechtman, Hi-Tech, telecom & worldwide technology seniors such as: Mr. John Chambers - CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc., Mr. David Marcus – the president of PayPal, Mr. René Obermann – CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Tim Armstrong – CEO of AOL, and more.

Pictured: Hon. William J. Clinton welcomed by Mrs. Mira Altman, CEO of the ICC Jerusalem (Photo by: Michal Fattal)

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