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Events industry debates business sustainability

The Athenaeum exterior shot
Leading figures within the events industry met at The Athenaeum on Friday as part of a series of meetings that will establish a collaborative approach to sustainability within UK events.
The meetings were put together by Positive Impact to create a vision for sustainability in the events industry and included representatives from organisations including The Athenaeum, RLC Productions, Gallowglass, International Confex, Manchester Central, the Sustainable Events Summit, VisitEngland, ECO Venues, and Positive Impact.

The meeting showed a video testimony from Dr Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, and Professor at the University of Manchester, highlighting the urgent need for action. The industry also established the need to apply Innovation and creativity to the problem, something that the events industry has been increasingly respected for.

The meeting also established a vision for sustainability in the events industry, focusing on; incentivising brands to commit to sustainability at the top level of the supply chain; working with the industry to clearly communicate a 'journey' for businesses looking to improve its sustainable credentials; and establishing a wider reason for supporting sustainability through being a better business, and working with business stakeholders to talk across the many facets of the events industry.

The meeting also discussed a series of scenarios that could impinge in the UK's place as a global leader in the events industry and how the industry can continue to lead in this respect.

"It's great to see the industry collaborating, to ensure we have the right level of leadership and innovation," commented Fiona Pelham, Managing Director of Positive Impact. "Positive Impact has led a series of group meetings and will continue to facilitate these meetings every six months, hopefully with an increasing number of industry input."

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