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Machine Guns Vegas - redefining the Las Vegas experience one round at a time

If the sound of quarters hitting the slot machine tray has grown tiresome for you, maybe the clatter of hot brass casings hitting the floor is just the thing to liven up your Las Vegas vacation. Machine Guns Vegas offers its customers a wide range of semi and fully-automatic thrills in a posh, "ultra-lounge" experience. It's the first luxury gun range in the world and its reputation is spreading rapidly as the "must do" Vegas experience (and one of the few places in the country where you can legally shoot a fully automatic weapon).

Whether your firepower fantasy leans towards fighting terrorists with the "SEAL Team VI" package ($140 - $190 / HK MR556, M249 SAW, M60), bootlegging with the "Mob" package ($130 / Thompson submachine gun, 12-gauge shotgun, pistol with suppressor), or simply experiencing in meatspace what you've only fired in X-Box Live with the "Gamers" package ($170 / M4, FN Scar, AK-47, Beretta M9) there's bound to be enough adrenaline-surging opportunities. Extend the fantasy even further by squeezing off rounds at a zombie, alien or Osama Bin Laden target.  

Machine Guns Vegas co-founder Genghis Cohen is one of the brains behind Tabu at the MGM Grand Hotel which redefined luxury nightclubs with its opening in 2003. Cohen's eye for details and top-shelf entertainment is evident throughout MGV, from the dusky lighting and VIP lounge to the sexy range mistresses (all NRA certified, and many ex-military).  

"You'd be amazed at the number of people who come to Vegas and want to shoot a machine gun," said Cohen. "It's an experience you can't have in a lot of places in the world." He continued, "And after all, everyone needs a break from drinking and gambling now and then. But let's not forget, we're still in Vegas, baby."  

Since Machine Guns Vegas launched earlier this year, 6 new Gun Ranges have launched in competition. Machine Guns Vegas stands ahead of the rest for quality of experience. ranks Machine Guns Vegas in to Top 5% of Vegas' 500 tourist attractions.  

But take it as a word of warning - and reassurance - there's no alcohol allowed on the premises and all clients are required to be sober before being handed a weapon. After all, they're gun enthusiasts, not gun nuts.

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