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Festival of Media Global 2013 achieves Guinness World Record at the 2m2c, Montreux

414 business cards collected in 24 hours - first ever Record for Networking awarded

The Festival of Media Global has set a new Guinness World Record at this year’s event, currently taking place in Montreux, Switzerland at the 2m2c Convention Centre.
The Festival was awarded the Record for Networking, thanks to C Squared account director James Fleetham’s effort at collecting 400 business cards within 24 hours. The record attempt was officially verified on site by an adjudicator from Guinness World Records, Marco Frigatti, who is the organisation’s head of records.

Achieving the record was no mean feat, as Mr Frigatti had to accompany James for the duration of the 24 hours and verify the number of business cards with a Guinness World Records scanner to ensure no duplicate cards were collected. Anyone who wants to break this record will have to surpass the 400 mark.

2m2c and the city of Montreux already have a history of Guinness World Records !

Most expensive music chart entry: The most expensive hit was the CD set Miles Davis at Montreux which entered the US Top 20 Jazz chart in November 2002, and was priced $250 (£154). Most music festivals visited in 30 days: The most music festivals visited in 30 days is 26, achieved by Greg Parmley (UK), in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Rep, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland and UK, between 24 June and 23 July 2011. This included the Montreux Jazz festival. Largest music lesson: The largest music lesson involved 539 participants being taught to play the harmonica by Roland van Straaten at the Camlog Biotechnologies Congress in Montreux, Switzerland on 12 May 2006. But this record has since then been broken.

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