Vivien 2015 helps one of Holland’s leading events designers pull off an All American Christmas Dinner in style

The latest version of Vivien Virtual Event Designer from CAST Software has recently enabled one of Holland’s leading events producers to design bigger, better and higher-impact events. This is all thanks to Vivien’s 3D pre-visualisation, planning, design and powerful sales tools.

Event producer Joey Wijnen started his company JOW Event Design & Production two years ago and has been using Vivien to successfully win new business and design a range of increasingly ambitious events and product launches, including major new building unveilings and a large-scale All American Christmas Dinner.

Investing in Vivien pays immediate dividends for event professionals  
“As soon as I decided to invest in Vivien, I started to get more and more projects,” says Wijnen. “We design and produce events in Holland, mostly business to business but also in the private sector.  

“Our clients, such as caterers and event agencies hire us to design and produce complete events. The quality of work we are able to deliver using Vivien wins us lots of new business.  

“For example, we have recently completed a project which involved the unveiling of a new building, using a 20-metre curtain drop system. Without even having to visit the location, Vivien allowed me to design the entire event and provide the client beforehand with beautiful 3D visuals, as well as detailed floorplans and plots for AV equipment, lighting, seating arrangements and more.”  

Vivien 2015 used to its full potential designing an All American Christmas Dinner
Another successful event JOW helped to design and produce was an All American Christmas Dinner for 120 guests at the Monumental Church building in Roermond, Netherlands.  

“Once we had our first draft in Vivien, we discovered that the maximum capacity of the venue was 80 dinner guests,” Wijnen explains. “We tried different seating arrangements until we had figured out a solution to fit in the full number. Visualising the in event in Vivien allowed us to notice this three weeks ahead of the event date instead of when the tables and chairs were already delivered. For this particular project we used all the latest features in Vivien 2015 to their full potential. It allowed us to create incredibly useful spreadsheets from loading lists to detailed seating charts.”

Vivien equals smooth event planning for clients, caterers and all parties
“Of course, it almost goes without saying that the 3D visuals are a great feature of Vivien,” adds Wijnen. “We use it to show our clients the exact measurements and color schemes to check that our vision of their event is correct and that we can fit everything in to their plan.  

“Though as well as their great value for clients, I should also stress that Vivien’s 3D visuals are also incredibly useful for the caterers and event agencies we work with. One detailed layout document means that everyone knows what to do and how the event is going to look. It’s an incredibly helpful tool.”  

The value and utility of virtual event designing
  “The success of the latest projects that Joey Wijnen and his team have been able to put together using all the latest features we’ve packed into Vivien 2015 speak volumes for the value and utility our virtualevent design software offers event professionals,” said Igor Silva, Marketing Director at CAST Group.  

“Vivien Event Designer is now the event industry's most powerful design, planning, pre-visualization and sales tool in one package.”

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