Visa Europe updates Travel Tools app to make travelling a breeze   

Visa Europe today announces the updated version of its Travel Tools app, the mobile travel companion. The Visa Travel Tools app provides fast and easy access to Visa travel related tools and information including an ATM locator, currency converter, assistance if your card is lost or stolen and holiday spending tips for travellers.

The revamped app comes packed with new features in time for the holiday season. Newly added country guides allow tourists to easily check the level of card acceptance at their destination ahead of time. A dashboard shows how easily cardholders can use their Visa cards at locations like hotels, restaurants and shops as well as on local transport options. So, if travellers ever wondered if taxis in Vietnam or restaurants in Turkey take Visa cards, the Visa app is the place to check! Also, over the course of the next few months people using the app will also have access to offers and discounts around the world, provided through geolocation services.  

Additionally, Visa cardholders in the UK and France can enter an exclusive competition to win €500 per week when using their Visa card abroad. To enter the competition, consumers need to download the free Visa Travel Tools App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on a compatible mobile device and register their Visa card. Once complete, any payment for an in-store purchase or any cash withdrawal at ATM in any foreign country will automatically enter the cardholder in to the competition. The competition is live for five weeks between the 9th  May and 12th June 2016, with a winner being chosen each week.  

Commenting on the launch, Tristan Kirchner, Executive Director, Product Management at Visa Europe said: “Visa Travel Tools can be the perfect companion for the holidays. It helps travellers pay for services in a foreign country by providing essential information in one easy place. The ability to check level of card acceptance at destination ahead of time, through the new country guides, will reduce the need to convert currency at unfavourable rates.   

Using a Visa card is the smart way to ensure spending on holiday is just one less thing to worry about. Visa cards are accepted at millions of locations and ATMs across the world, so you can benefit from the convenience, security and value of using your Visa card abroad just as you would at home.”

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