Travelport receives patent for innovative new business intelligence database engine

System improves airline access to critical, time-sensitive competitive data

Travelport has announced it has been awarded a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a groundbreaking technology system that improves and simplifies airline performance database management and complex travel booking data analysis.

The new system, a code generation engine referred to as an Alchemy engine, provides a more intuitive and seamless way for airlines to search a MIDT (marketing information data tapes) database. In its simplest form, the Alchemy engine acts as a translator. Using information stored in the database, Travelport’s patented engine can receive a request in one software language, such as an XML-based language, and translate the request into a second software language, such as SQL-based language.  

Alchemy engine-based technology is a component of Travelport’s Airline Insight analytical tool (“Airline Insight”) within the Travelport Business Intelligence Suite. Features and benefits of using the Travelport Business Intelligence Suite include:
·         Tools to analyze and report on airline MIDT, Quality of Service Index (QSI), and Average Fare.
·         Allows airlines to create, manage, and monitor incentives, comparing MIDT data, QSI, and flown revenue to system-wide benchmarks.
·         Provides an airline’s sales force with the information needed to make the right offer at the right time.
·         Saves time and eliminates excessive transactions through the automated push of data directly to the customer.

“Being awarded this patent for the Alchemy engine is a great testament to the innovative prowess of the Travelport Business Intelligence development team. We have new opportunities with this patented system to analyze complex data for airlines faster and more efficiently than before. It also allows us to quickly build new reporting capabilities into our Business Intelligence applications that help Travelport offer increased value to our airline customers,” said Bret Kidd, vice president and general manager, Air Commerce Technologies for Travelport.

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