Top tech joins forces with Hotelchamp to provide all-in-one marketing platform for hotels

Starting today, Hotelchamp is introducing the ability for hoteliers to manage all their marketing activity through the company’s online platform. As well as being the control centre for Hotelchamp’s signature website guest journey and conversion boosting solution, the platform also acts as a single hub through which hoteliers can manage an extensive range of other online activities.

Retargeting, review management, competitor & OTA rate-shopping, metasearch advertising, and in-depth visitor analysis technology can now all be coordinated through the singular Hotelchamp platform – a significant step forward in Hotelchamp’s mission to provide the definitive Marketing Platform for Hotels.

With launch partners including TrustYou, OTA Insight, Customer Alliance, LiveChat, HotJar and many more to come, Hotelchamp is determined to bring together the industry’s top-tech providers under one roof to the benefit of hoteliers and their guests.

“It’s not our aim to be a jack-of-all trades,” says Kristian Valk, Hotelchamp founder and CEO. “Hoteliers are already using a variety of highly-specialised services to provide the best possible booking experience to their guests. But right now, it’s a very fragmented ecosystem.”  

“By bringing other best-in-class technologies and suppliers together through our Hotelchamp platform, it not only makes it far easier for hoteliers to manage their services – it also maximises the value of each solution working together.”  

This unified approach is closely aligned to Hotelchamp’s signature offering – direct booking technology that understands and delivers on guest needs at every step on a hotel’s website, ultimately convincing them to book through the direct channel.  

“We know it’s key to offer the right message at the right time if you want to convince guests to book direct, and our speciality has always been in helping hoteliers do this on their own website. By offering technology from other category leaders across the industry in a single platform, hoteliers can now offer this seamless online customer journey on their own website and beyond.”  

New and existing customers can already start migrating their existing marketing activities to the Hotelchamp platform, starting with the launch partners and with more to be added over the coming months.

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