Robust hospitality tech platform Hotelogix now boasts 200,000 global users

Now in the tenth year of successful operation, the robust platform of Hotelogix has hit the 200,000 mark for total users, empowering hotels with its world-class, cloud-based Hotel PMS.
Over the last decade, Hotelogix has grown into a trusted technology partner for hotels operating across 100 plus countries.

Hotelogix was founded on 14th March 2008, also known as Pi Day, coinciding with Albert Einstein’s date of birth.  

Commenting on this milestone, Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder at Hotelogix said, “Since our inception in 2008, our PMS has grown to become a rock-solid platform with 200,000 active users and over 16,000 concurrent users using the software on a daily basis.  

“We’ve defined our aim with absolute clarity to harness the internet and empower hotels with technology, helping them automate operations, and increase their revenues and reach. Our persistence has led to a ‘no compromise’ strategy when it comes to enhancing our product’s features and functional capabilities. Many thanks to our 190 plus employees who have been passionately working to boost our leadership role in the global hospitality technology domain.”  

Hotelogix understands the changing dynamics of the hospitality industry and how technology is shaping its future. Therefore, it uniquely offers APIs for the hotel brands to plug-and-play and to develop their own apps in sync with the PMS. Hotelogix receives more than three million API calls per day.  

Hotelogix has been instrumental in introducing the best practices in SaaS to the global hospitality industry. In 2010, the company released the first ever ‘Try & Buy’ model by clearly displaying its pricing on its website to help hoteliers make buying decisions without worrying about any hidden costs. This feature has been a great success as the company gets about 6,000 trial requests per annum, globally.  

“Over the last 10 years, our PMS has grown into one of the largest enterprise-grade Hotel Management Software on the cloud. From helping users to manage operations at small B&B’s to 350 plus rooms star hotels, or even at chain and group hotels, our PMS has evolved into a comprehensive tool in response to today’s hoteliers’ business requirements,” comments Aditya Sanghi, Co-Founder & CEO at Hotelogix.  

According to Sanghi, Hotelogix has ventured into new markets, replaced many popular server-based PMSs, and has gained hoteliers’ trust the world over. “Our tenth anniversary celebration had a blend of cherishing the spectacular journey so far, and a strong resolve to become the biggest PMS brand in years to come. Many thanks to our customers, partners, investors, and employees, for whom, Hotelogix remains unparalleled,” Aditya added

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