MetGlobal selects eNett Virtual Account Numbers for seamless supplier payments

MetGlobal, a major global travel company, has partnered with eNett International to use Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) for increased efficiency in its supplier payments.
Offering wholesale accommodation in over 200,000 hotels across 198 countries through its MetGlobal Sourcing and HotelsPro brands, meant a lot of time was spent processing payments and reconciling transactions manually. MetGlobal required a solution which could seamlessly integrate into its current booking systems, allowing it to make instant payments directly from within existing workflows, and automate reconciliation.

After a thorough review of virtual payment options, MetGlobal selected eNett Virtual Account Numbers for its seamless integration and automated reconciliation and reporting capabilities.

A VAN is an automatically generated MasterCard number used for supplier payments. Because a unique number is used for each new booking or payment transaction, VANs are a secure way to pay or be paid, and are welcomed in each of the 35.9 million locations where MasterCard is accepted online.

eNett’s comprehensive API seamlessly integrated with MetGlobal’s existing systems, facilitating quick and easy implementation. Employees can now make multiple bookings and secure payments globally without having to leave their desktops, delivering significant time efficiencies, and lowering costs through automated reconciliation.

HotelsPro’s Managing Director, Mustafa Korkmaz, said, “We wanted a solution that could generate real benefits for our company, in terms of saving time and lowering costs. VANs have succeeded in doing just that, and the API made integration simple. The instant nature of VANs also means we are able to offer our customers dynamic rates and discounts, while not having to worry about reconciling transactions at the end of the month.”

“eNett provides excellent support when we need it. Besides which, the team love the reporting capabilities and the transparency and reliability of the transactions.”

Backed by the MasterCard guarantee, VANs provide protection against fraud and supplier default. Travel companies can also earn a rebate for every transaction1, creating real rewards through supplier payments.

eNett Managing Director and CEO, Anthony Hynes, said, “The estimated US$1.5 billion2 annual cost of manual reconciliation makes efficient payment automation critical. VANs address this directly, offering unrivalled integration to streamline and automate the payments process. We are pleased to be able to make supplier payments and reconciliation efficient and easy for MetGlobal.”

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