Key Travel launches new mobile travel app - 
promising a new era in traveller connectivity

Itinerary management tool will help travellers remain connected and up-to-date with their latest travel plans wherever they are in the world.e

Key Travel, an international Travel Management Company (TMC) that specialises in simplifying travel complexity for the humanitarian, faith and education sectors, has partnered with global travel technology company Amadeus to launch the Key Travel Mobile App to its UK, US and European markets.

The development of this application enables travellers to retrieve and manage trip details in one place at any time and when on the move. The app is now available for download via the online Apple and Google stores, and a web version is also available for Windows devices and desktops.

Key Travel’s non-governmental organisation (NGO) clients, for example, are sending travellers to some of the most challenging destinations in the developing world, where the usual business travel infrastructure is nascent or even non-existent. This means it is imperative that travellers have accurate itinerary information that is instantly updated as the booking is modified by the traveller’s organisation or by the TMC.  Another customer group that will welcome this development is the international university community.

John O’Sullivan, Group Marketing Director, Key Travel says, 
“Each year we survey travellers to discover how their needs are changing and to ensure our services are evolving in line with customer expectations. Our research shows the top 10 flight destinations in 2014 for our specialist clients included Accra, Addis Ababa, Dhaka and Entebbe, to name a few.  Infrastructure varies city by city of course, but NGO workers often don’t have the fall-back of being able to rely on local business services, which is why they need to be empowered with mobile applications such as the new Key Travel Mobile App.

John adds, “Our customer research also shows that the most valued information travellers want on their mobile device is travel disruption alerts 
(44%), followed by itinerary management (35%).  Booking specialist business travel via mobile currently appeals to less than one in five travellers, which is why we haven’t focussed on delivering booking functionality at this stage, but we believe this could change in the next 12 months and we’ll be ready to respond. We’re confident that this new mobile app will provide much-needed peace of mind for travel bookers and the travellers they serve, wherever they may be in the world.” 

Rose Fernandez, Marketing Director, Amadeus UK & Ireland comments, “Nine out of 10 travellers wouldn’t leave home without their mobile phone, so as a channel, it is perfectly suited to travel. When you’re miles away from home or in a different time zone, reaching the travel booker isn’t easy. Despite 24 hour assistance from the TMC, many travellers simply want to be able to consult and plan their activities based on their latest itinerary. This app is ideally suited to enable them to do exactly that. As the number one investor in travel technology, Amadeus is delighted that Key Travel chose to partner with us to develop their new mobile application, which promises a new era in traveller connectivity.”

Key features
▪ Universal itinerary updated in real-time
▪ Flight status: essential information to help anticipate and manage travel disruptions such as delayed or cancelled flights
▪ Online check-in: easy access to airline check-in from the mobile device
▪ Maps and travel directions: get walking and driving directions
▪ Trip tools such as travel directions, local weather and currency exchange rates
▪ Trip details can be shared with family and friends on Facebook, by email or SMS

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