International travellers can now stay connected for less

WorldSIM introduce international data bundles that save travellers up to 95% on the cost of staying connected abroad.

International travellers can now stay connected for even less when the go abroad as international roaming solutions provider, WorldSIM, have reduced their international data bundles by as much as 70%.

Travellers can add up to 1GB of data to use in over 100 countries, saving them up to 95% on their roaming charges. WorldSIM offers bundles for Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Asia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Global bundles that enable users to use data across 108 countries.

1GB of European data will last 30 days and cost just £35 using the WorldSIM data SIM, which when compared to the leading providers can save travellers substantially.

Travellers heading to Europe using a European plan with one of the leading UK networks could cost almost 3 times as much*. Travellers from outside the UK can save just as much, for example, someone travelling from the US to Canada wanting a 1GB data package could pay $120** with one of the leading US cell networks, whereas WorldSIM’s new data bundles can offer the same amount of data for just $52.50.

WorldSIM CEO, Arif Reza, commented “The cost of using data when travelling internationally is notoriously high which results in many smartphone turning their phone off or having to run around searching for free WiFi hotspots. With our new low data bundle rates, travellers browse the web as much as they do at home without having to worry about how much data they are using.”

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