Hotelogix announces 1-minute trial for hotels to move to the Cloud

Cloud-based property management system today announces a faster-than-ever trial experience for new users.  
Designed for independent hotels, Hotelogix’s latest product update promises a faster way to get hotel businesses on the cloud platform, in less than one minute.  
The new trial is part of an on-going commitment of the firm, to make moving to the cloud simpler and more efficient for hotels.

Hotelogix already offers a 15-day free trial, which has the reputation of offering one of the best “getting started” experiences in the PMS industry.  

This latest update adds some innovative interfaces, enabling hoteliers to setup their trial in as little as three clicks. Also added is a ticking clock that emphasises the simplicity of the process.  

With the hospitality industry showing strong intent and drive to switch to cloud-based PMS’s, Hotelogix’s ‘less than a minute setup’ complements their quick ‘go-to-market’ strategy, while bypassing the complicated processes of evaluation and getting a real-time feel of the system, before users need fully commit. This makes new technology adoption virtually frictionless, and allows for objective decision making with minimal pressure.  

Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder of Hotelogix, states: “Technology often works well when it makes a complex task simple. The independent, self-enabling nature of Hotelogix is a step in the direction of removing all barriers from what a user may choose, decide and achieve when evaluating and managing their hospitality business.  We have made it possible for the hotels experience the cloud technology in three simple steps, so they can be up-and-running a trial on the cloud PMS less in than a minute."

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