Cvent introduces Universal Appointments enabling organisations to prove and improve exhibition impact and ROI

New solution helps maximise valuable face time with customers and prospects at events organisations attend
Cvent, a market-leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider, has introduced Universal Appointments a new exhibition focused appointments solution. Cvent users will now be able to better manage customer and prospect appointments to increase engagement and ROI at the events they attend.

With digital efforts making up the majority of an organisation’s multi-channel budgets, trade show investments come under greater executive scrutiny, making visibility into the overall value of an events programs that much more important. By tracking what net new pipeline was built or influenced through appointments made onsite, trade show managers and marketers can report back to key stakeholders on the sales opportunities created, and as a result, better quantify event ROI. 

“For trade show managers who are responsible for all aspects of the event process, their primary tools are still spreadsheets or individual trade show meeting portals,” said Patrick Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Cvent. “When using these disparate tools, information gathered onsite is either lost or lives in silos within an organisation, which does little to help drive sales and also impedes sales teams from following up with trade show leads quickly and efficiently.” 

Universal Appointments gives trade show managers the ability to pre-book sales and executive meetings, prepare stakeholders for crucial one-on-one conversations, and deliver deeper insights into how many meetings were held onsite. Universal Appointments is a key offering in Cvent’s trade show solutions portfolio and offers trade show managers the tools they need to reduce no-shows and maximise time with customers and prospects. 

Universal Appointments addresses the key pain points of trade show managers by allowing users to:
·       Pre-book meetings with customers and prospects
·       Effectively manage schedules for sales staff and executives onsite at trade show booths
·       Better prepare sales staff and executives for critical prospect conversations by providing important pre-booking details to all stakeholders
·       Reduce the number of customer and prospect no-shows, maximising time allocated to face-to-face interactions with customers and prospects
·       Report on net new or influenced pipeline resulting from trade show interactions 

Universal Appointments is currently available to all Cvent customers.

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