Crest Planning’s event safety app, Halo, celebrates one-year anniversary with Cricket World Cup contract win

Crest Planning team in action at Edgbaston
Halo to keep millions of eventgoers safe in 2019
Event safety specialist Crest Planning is celebrating its one-year anniversary with multiple contract wins for its award-winning event safety app, Halo. Halo will be used to keep millions of eventgoers safe in 2019 at the Cricket World Cup, Isle of Wight Festival, Creamfields, Reading and Leeds Festivals, Ed Sheeran concert in Leeds and Ipswich and several events and carnivals across the UK.

Halo is the most advanced product of its kind in the world and will allow organisers of these large events to streamline security, health and safety procedures giving them complete control and real-time, shared situational awareness to their own virtual command station. From enabling security staff to report and view incidents on their phones to showing incident locations to security staff so they can respond in a timely fashion, the app is an easy to use, life-saving piece of technology.  

The Cricket World Cup attracts 800,000 visitors and is the third most watched sporting event globally with a TV audience of 1.5bn. The event will feature 10 teams across 11 venues taking part in 48 matches, with people coming from over 148 different countries. Crest are also working alongside Notting Hill Carnival which is Europe’s largest street party attracting 1.5m visitors and the Isle of Wight Festival which attracts 500,000. Halo will be used to keep these eventgoers safe.  

Jill McCracken, Director of Tournament Safety and Security at the Cricket World Cup says of working with Crest Planning: “Halo is an innovative, user friendly and operationally practical system and I am sure that the benefits this system can bring to any operational event are evident to anyone with responsibility for safety and security at events. I am looking forward to working alongside the Crest Planning team at the Cricket World Cup 2019.”  

Crest Planning’s CEO and Founder Lloyd Major adds: “2018 was a fantastic first year for Crest Planning winning multiple awards for our Halo app and keeping half a million people safe. 2019 is set to be an extremely busy one for us and we are really excited to be working with the organisers of some of the country’s largest and well-known events helping eventgoers to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.”

Since its launch in 2018, Halo has been deployed across cricket, rugby and football stadia helping to keep tens of thousands of people safe at every game as well as large well-known events from marathons to carnivals. It has also been credited with saving one man’s life at Leicester Carnival. The man needed urgent medical help and despite the radio being busy with another matter, a steward on Halo was able to get a critical message straight into the control room and medics. Because they were all using the same system and the location was pinned on a map they could all see, medics arrived in less than four minutes and intubated the man, disrupting the status quo of ‘one incident at a time’ that’s difficult to find at events.

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