Clicktripz launches Control Tower

Travel technology’s revolutionary new monetization technology for travel sites
Clicktripz, the leader in contextual advertising for the travel industry, has announced the release of Control Tower, a revolutionary advancement in traffic-monetization technology for travel websites.  
Until now, implementing interactive media units triggered by user behavior and powered by search context, could take weeks or months. 

Today with Control Tower, travel websites can utilise a broad array of contextually driven media units, including parallax, leave behind windows, tabunders, and overlays, within minutes of signing up through a self-service portal. Control Tower can be operated in a completely self-service capacity, and larger publishers receive dedicated support to maximise the monetization of every page.  

“This is the next generation in transparent monetization that puts control in the hands of publishers, where it belongs” states Jeremy Murphy, COO of Clicktripz. “Gone are the days when context-matched ad products triggered by user behavior required integration sprints and years-long contractual commitments. Today we are telling publishers they can activate highly integrated, engaging units more easily than activating on page banner units.”  

Clicktripz Tower was first made available in the US and UK earlier this month and is now running campaigns on several dozen travel websites around the globe. The development comes at a crucial time for many travel websites, as the scheduled deprecation of third-party cookies on Google chrome means contextual ad units powered by first-party data are more than just a source of premium CPMs. They are the only future-proof programmatic solution.  

Initial customer feedback has been positive. Alfonso Reyes, CEO of Sebogo states: “I never imagined how simple it could be to launch a leave behind unit responsive to my site's content and user behavior. Previous providers dragged this on for months. Clicktripz took a day and out-monetized everyone else. The whole process was a great experience and we are really pleased to have Clicktripz as our monetization partner".   

Kevin Joling, Founder and CEO of also states “I regret we didn’t know about Clicktripz earlier.” Similarly, Head of Digital Media & Ad Ops at, Peter Kersbergen comments: “We are in the early days of our partnership with Clicktripz, but so far they have been extremely helpful.  We look forward to growing with them further." While others in the travel industry have faltered during the Covid-19 pandemic, Clicktripz has doubled-down on its investments in best-of-breed technologies, which it credits to its history of prudent growth and profitability.  

"This has been an incredibly difficult time for so many companies in the travel industry,” said Ross Weber, CEO of Clicktripz, “Over the last eight months, our competitors have either gone out of business or largely ignored the travel vertical. Being privately held and well-capitalized, Clicktripz has leveraged the unique opportunity to stay laser-focused on travel and continue to innovate as evidenced by the release of Control Tower.  

“For the last 10 years, we have supported all our publishers by paying on time and in full - COVID has not, and will not, change that. I look forward to continuing to support our current family of publishers and doing everything we can to help more publishers in the travel space realize the significant revenue our solution delivers."   

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