CBA Events to launch affordable new events app 

CBA Events, a nationwide event management company based in Keswick, Cumbria, will be releasing its very own innovative container events app in 2018.
The app will be launched at an affordable price to meet the high demand of its client base, while revolutionising the way people interact with specific events.

Some of the key features of the app include: personalised conference calendars, feedback surveys, audience polling, in app social media, exhibition floor plans and live questioning from workshops. 

In recent years, CBA Events has been staying one step ahead by reacting to market trends within the events and meetings industry. Production and Events Manager, Tim Green, explained how: “Over the last 12 months we have witnessed an increase in web streaming of events and meetings due to economic uncertainty and rising travel costs…the exciting development now, however, is that corporates have a renewed appetite for the on-site meeting but want the delegate experience to start in advance of the face to face element of an event and have a heightened level of engagement whilst there.”

To facilitate this, the team at CBA Events decided to develop an app which was both affordable whilst meeting the every need of its current client base.

One of the biggest challenges facing app developers currently is Apple ramping up its efforts to clean up the app store deleting thousands of apps.  

The clever way that CBA Event’s container app manages its client’s events alleviates this issue and is giving peace of mind ahead of the unprecedented purge scheduled for the end of the year. 

When asked what the next step will be Tim answered,   “At the moment our event management team are moderating input and answering delegate queries from within the app.  

In the next two years this will seem archaic, labour intensive and delegates who were excited about the technology only months earlier will start to despise having to wait upwards of 10 seconds for an answer to their questions. That’s when it will be time for us to step aside and make way for the Chatbots!”.

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