BookLogic and Triptease join forces to drive more direct bookings

BookLogic and Triptease now work together to help their thousands of hotels clients drive more direct business and reduce reliance on OTAs

This year’s hottest topic is direct bookings. More so than ever before, hotels are working hard to show consumers that direct is indeed best, in the hope to rely less on OTAs (online travel agents) and their high commission rates.

BookLogic – a leading booking hotel management platform for hotels – has today announced it has integrated Triptease’s Direct Booking Platform, including the infamous Price Check widget. This new integration will help BookLogic’s 1,500 client hotels to drive more direct bookings by giving website viewers on-site visibility of how the hotel’s prices compare to up to three leading OTAs. Hotels will also be able to detect when a guest is about to leave the site, and give them a powerful message reminding them booking direct is best.  

Price Check is a smart widget that sits on hotel websites and displays prices from across the web in real-time. This reduces uncertainty surrounding a hotel's direct price, saving consumers research time and giving them the confidence to book direct. The widget can also provide automated discounts if and when it detects a disparity with an OTA. Enchantment messaging enables hotels to send a powerful reminder to site visitors that booking direct is best, but reminding them they offer the best price, as well as other customizable messages including discounts and other free perks that you will get if you book direct. In addition, BookLogic’s clients will also get access to all the data and analytics collected by Triptease covering everything from widget appearances to disparities. This allows hotels to track what prices are displayed across the web and act on any unexpected issues within minutes.  

“It’s more important than ever for hotels to educate travellers on the benefits of booking direct and to reward those who do. Since launching in January last year we’ve been pleasantly surprised by just how effective The Triptease Direct Booking Platform has been. It’s so simple, yet just works. Our clients have continually seen their direct bookings shoot up and the amount they pay third parties fall as a result”, said Charlie Osmond, Founder and CEO at Triptease. “We’re proud to partner with BookLogic to add fuel to our rocket ship and provide our platform to thousands more hotels worldwide.”   

Oral Yigitkus, CEO at BookLogic commented “TripTease will enable hotels to show their website visitors how competitive they are in the market for price and product. This enables hotels to improve their direct sales techniques to secure the bookings without losing more share to OTAs. TripTease has extended the BookLogic product offering to hotels and the technology now puts rates and distribution control back into the hands of hoteliers to make more money from every booking".

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