Attendify launches industry’s first social lead retrieval app


Introducing Attendify Leads: The lead retrieval solution for the social age

Attendify, the leading self-service event app platform, is introducing the world’s first and only social lead retrieval technology to help event organizers drive exhibitor ROI and create new revenue streams.

Unlike lead retrieval tools currently on the market, Attendify Leads is socially enabled. Once a new lead is scanned, the exhibitor is notified any time that lead comments, likes or interacts with the Attendify event app’s social wall.

That real-time social notification is just the kind of help exhibitors are looking for when building relationships with their prospects. With Attendify Leads, they will now have all the information they need to facilitate conversations and connect with prospects on a deeper level.

“Trade shows can be very transactional, and exhibitors can lose sight of the fact they are talking to people, not just leads. Attendify’s philosophy has always been that we help people build deeper relationships at events, and you see that come to life in Attendify Leads,” said Michael Balyasny, CEO of Attendify. “The social aspect helps exhibitors feed off of attendee behavior so they can talk to them in a more informed and personalized way.”

The social component is further enhanced because Attendify Leads operates on the exhibitors' existing smartphones and mobile devices. After all, exhibitors do not just meet qualified leads in their booth. They connect in the hallways between sessions, in line for coffee and on shuttle buses. There is value in a lead retrieval system exhibitors can use wherever and whenever an interaction happens.

“Making event technology more accessible is a core value for Attendify. We spent months designing a better lead retrieval platform to make it easy to deploy and truly profitable for events,” said Balyasny. "It takes less than 5 minutes to get up and running with Attendify Leads and there's no financial risk with our revenue share option. This turns the traditional lead retrieval model on its head.”

Attendify Leads is a standalone app that does not require an internet connection to process leads so it can be used in any venue even without a wireless network. Exhibitors also have the ability to create custom surveys, which allows them to easily segment and qualify all leads collected right at the event. This intuitive, self-service app takes much of the burden off the event organizer because it’s simple to for exhibitors to learn and it’s easy to access the deep analytics it gathers. Please visit for more information.

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