Amadeus welcomes Qantas to the NDC-X program

Qantas aircraft inflight
Since the launch of Amadeus’ NDC-X program in February this year, Amadeus has made great strides with airlines and travel sellers in order to drive progress with NDC.   
Today, Amadeus announces that Qantas will be one of the airlines to join its NDC-X program. Amadeus will connect to the Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP) and deliver NDC content to travel sellers.

This will allow travel sellers to book NDC content alongside other travel content, enabling greater personalization for travelers.  

As part of the longstanding partnership, Amadeus will have access to the Qantas Distribution Platform (QDP), in order to continue to provide travel sellers with all of the airline’s offering, through the agents’ preferred booking channel.   

“Our program will enable airlines to sell their NDC offers across travel sellers around the world, through our NDC-enabled travel platform,” says Gianni Pisanello, VP, NDC-X program, Amadeus. “We’re excited to have Qantas onboard as part of our leading industry program. The Amadeus Travel Platform is designed with both airline and travel sellers needs in mind, and we are looking forward to making NDC content available within it. We’re making great progress, and will have online travel bookings in production later this year, meaning that the full booking flow of ‘shop, order and pay’ will take place using the NDC standard.”  

This announcement follows soon after Amadeus and Qantas’ renewal of the IT and distribution partnership.

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