3M shares tips for protecting data when travelling for work or leisure

Business travller on a plane using a laptop
3M, the science-based technology company, is advising individuals how to better protect their information when travelling for work or leisure.  With people increasingly using their laptops, tablets and smartphones on the move, the potential for sensitive content to be viewed, stolen or hacked potentially increases. 

The ‘Seat in the Middle’ campaign from 3M also highlights the fact that on-screen information can be vulnerable to prying eyes when on a train, bus or aeroplane.  

Five top tips for protecting information when travelling:
• Avoid using public WiFi and USB charging outlets – instead use private VPNs, secure WiFi and cellular networks
• Try not to travel with digital sensitive information unless necessary – if possible, remove it from the device and move it to a secure physical or cloud-based storage location
• Install a privacy filter to prevent prying eyes from viewing a screen – it takes minutes to do, is comparatively low-cost and will make it difficult for onlookers – including the people either side of the ‘seat in the middle’ to see the display
• Keep hand-baggage secure – a padlock is a simple way to protect bags against pickpockets
• If devices are not already password protected, do that now – also, software updates should help to remove any potential vulnerabilities

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