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Topi launches turn-key event management solution

Topi has announced the launch of its turn-key event management platform providing event organizers with key components: registration, event website, and mobile app. With one single solution, event organizers control the event life-cycle, its messaging, promotion, and offer attendees engagement before, during and after the event.

Topi’s registration and event website embrace the same characteristics as its networking app:
1. Easy deployment and cost efficiency for organizers 

2. Intuitive experience for attendees 

3. Rich data collection and management

“We see tremendous value for event organizers in using an integrated solution to plan events,” says David Aubespin, CEO of Topi.

"The 'one-stop' approach has many advantages including a more streamlined and cost-effective process. Dealing with many different vendors is complicated, costly, and stressful for organizers. We believe that our solution solves that and allows organizers to be more efficient and have better control of the planning process.”

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