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Top Connect announces TravelSim roaming targets for 2015

International communications leader expects its TravelSim user base to soar to 6.7 million by end December 2015 and collective roaming savings to reach $380 million over the period

Telecom firm Top Connect has announced its business targets for the year 2015 for its pre-paid TravelSim international roaming service.
Based on growth patterns over the past two years, the firm now expects its user base to grow to 6.7 million by end December 2015 from 5.2 million in December 2014 with annual collective customer roaming savings reaching an unprecedented $380 million.

TravelSim's user base is a mix of travelling business executives and holidaymakers either direct or indirect through the company's network of global distributors. With distributors earning recurring revenues of up to 30% off TravelSim's call and data charges, the year 2015 will see many new distributors signing up for the service.

The growing number of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in The Americas and Europe are finding TravelSim an out-of-the-box vanilla solution for their customers.

TravelSim is the world's leading call back, pre-paid communications service for travelling executives and holidaymakers. Using TravelSim, users avoid high calling and data roaming charges from their local providers when crossing frontiers and can save up to 85% of costs usually associated with international mobile communications.

As the holiday season approaches, many new holidaymakers will subscribe to the service to better manage their communication costs. In addition, under an agreement with Skype, calls to TravelSim numbers are free.

Thanks to agreements in place with tier-one GSM operators in over 140 countries, TravelSim is the only pre-paid service to offer quality communications at unbeatable rates.

"Clearly, Top Connect is setting itself ambitious but realistic targets for 2015," says Mikhail Markin, Head of TravelSim's Product Development. "Top Connect founded the roaming card industry and the year 2015 will see further TravelSim roaming innovations coming to market."

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