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Award winning roaming specialists launch the WorldSIM Tri-Fi

The newest way to get online worldwide

Launching the ultimate travel companion for frequent travellers, the eagerly awaited WorldSIM Tri-Fi went on sale today. Although only available on pre order, deliveries of this convenient travel gadget will begin from 15th December.
Combining three vital travel solutions into one pocket sized lifesaver, the WorldSIM Tri-Fi is an unlocked wireless router (giving worldwide internet on the go), a power bank and storage device all rolled into one.

International travellers can benefit from getting online anywhere in the world on multiple devices simultaneously. On top of this travellers have the convenience of storing up to 32 GB of their files and can rest assured that they will never run out of battery again as it is powerful enough to fully charge even the most power hungry gadgets.

Besides its multi-functionality, what makes this product different to other portable Wi-Fi hotspots is its Ethernet port. This enables users to plug directly into an internet source, particularly useful at hotels that still provide internet via cable rather than Wi-Fi, allowing users to create their own Wi-Fi network so they can get online from 10 devices rather than just the one.

Although the WorldSIM Tri-Fi comes unlocked, meaning any SIM can be used inside; it comes with a WorldSIM data roaming SIM card which ensures low cost data roaming in 165+ countries. This allows travellers to reduce roaming charges significantly so they can browse the web while they are away.

International travellers can pay as much as $15 / £8 per MB using their existing mobile network, WorldSIM can reduce this by as much as 85%.

Arif Reza, CEO at WorldSIM commented “Until now travellers have often been forced to switch of their data and rely on trying to find a decent public Wi-Fi connection which is an annoyance to say the least. The WorldSIM Tri-Fi gives travellers the convenience to get a secure internet connection anywhere they want, for themselves as well as those that they are travelling with.”

The WorldSIM Tri-Fi launches on 12th December but pre-ordering can be done now at a promotional price and orders will arrive in time for Christmas.

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