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GenieConnect mobile event platform achieves unprecedented participant adoption and interaction at Cisco Live 2014

App securely delivers tens of thousands of user sessions and critical event content with high participant satisfaction ratingse

GenieConnect, the smarter event technology partner, reports that its mobile event app achieved stellar results for client Cisco Systems at their recent Cisco Live US event. The secure app withstood hundreds of thousands of participant interactions as it engaged with 11,000 delegates who updated profiles, 7,500 who made use of the interactive mapping capability, and over 167,000 who favourited and referenced many of the almost 700 sessions. Following the event, the app was rated an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Cisco Live US post-event survey.

“I can’t tell you how many positive comments I got about the app,” said Kelly Briley, programme manager for Cisco Events Mobile. “Whichever of the stats you examine, it’s clear that the app significantly helped attendees at Cisco Live participate in the event much more efficiently. The session constraints were a very challenging part of our programme. There are complex business rules with lots of different permission levels and attendee types – a lot of variables at play. However, once we had everything properly scoped out, GenieConnect just jumped on it and sorted even the most minute detail with our event registration partner.”

Cisco Live is the Company’s flagship event, providing training, network opportunities, testing and certification to tens of thousands of IT professionals every year. Cisco conducted a rigorous procurement exercise to identify a capable event technology partner that could handle an environment where critical product information and the personal details of tens of thousands of its most important business partners would be stored on a mobile app. Security considerations were paramount, and at the end of the process, Cisco selected GenieConnect.

“Cisco’s requirement of a very high degree of integration between our platform and their registration provider - and their extremely close attention to detail, meant that our technology was put to the ultimate test,” said Giles Welch, CEO, GenieConnect. “This was truly an enterprise-scale undertaking.  With hundreds of sessions and their access rights being constantly updated, the information in our databases has to be continuously synched with the data in the event management system – in real time. We also implemented a room capacity management system that would stop registering attendees for a session once the room limit had been reached.”

The sessions at Cisco Live can be extremely technical in nature and often require substantial accompanying materials for attendees. Cisco and the speakers create a PDF file for each session that must be readily accessible for participants before, during and after the event. Cisco’s Briley continued, “This year, for the first time, Cisco was able to also deliver these PDFs via the mobile app. In fact some of our attendees used only the app to download this content, which was not something we could do before. The app also gave them multiple methods of interacting with the content – they could view it, save it for later or email it to themselves. This was a really popular feature with attendees.”

Because of GenieConnect’s demonstrated success at previous events, Cisco has engaged with the mobile event app provider to deploy their technology at dozens of events, including the next Cisco Live. GenieConnect has demonstrated that its platform can fully deliver against Cisco’s expectations and the app has proven to be immensely popular with their attendees.

“The thing I really like about working with GenieConnect is that they take as much ownership of the project as we do,” said Briley. “I love their positivity – you have the sense that they really enjoy what they are doing, that they were excited by what we were trying to achieve and really wanted us to succeed.”

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