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XING EVENTS launches mobile entry management system

XING EVENTS, the event industry expert for attendee management and event marketing, launches a mobile version of its successful entry management system XING EVENTS EasyEntry. The app for professional entry management is now available for tablets and smartphones running iOS and shortly for android operating systems.

The modern design and the ease of use allow event organisers to provide their attendees with an even smoother and faster entry process.

With todays launch XING EVENTS will allow event organisers to choose from different entry solutions to guarantee fast and secure entry via smartphones, tablets as well as the desktop application, no matter the type or scale of the event.

An important factor for the success of an event is a smooth entry process. However, a reliable and stable Internet connection at entry points can not always be guaranteed. XING EVENTS has once again address the specific needs of organisers and enables a reliable entry management online as well as offline. The organizer has the option to download all necessary information prior to the event and, on the day of the event, work with local data to thus be completely independent from Internet connectivity.

The app has a clear statistics section, which is accessible at all times. The organizer can get information about the current number of attendees, the share of the checked in attendees per category and, in the case of multiple check-in devices, about the temporal and spatial distribution of check ins.

An extensive data export gives detailed information about the various entry points. The organiser can check who came to the event by which entrance.

“By optimising XING EVENTS EasyEntry we have addressed the specific needs of our customers. In the future it will be possible to print out, tickets, invoices and badges using the app. Furthermore, we opened up another sales channel for organisers, who can now offer on-site ticket sales. Both of these features are already available in the desktop version," said Maik Wiege, Senior Product Manager XING EVENTS.

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