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Who knew? we can text, talk, tweet….at 30,000 feet

Using your phone inflight is really taking off….

For many busy business travellers staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues during a flight is important, but what a lot of people don’t realise is now you can. Passengers onboard an AeroMobile connected aircraft can use their mobile phones inflight to call, text, whatsapp, email or tweet just as they would on the ground.

AeroMobile is a registered mobile network operator which provides mobile phone services so airline passengers can roam inflight just as they would abroad. AeroMobile was the first mobile service to operate on a commercial flight in March 2008 and since then over 19 million passengers have successfully connected to the AeroMobile network – that’s twice the number of people that watch the X-Factor1.

So, if you’re on an AeroMobile connected flight and your mobile operator has a roaming agreement with them you can text, tweet, post and like… all inflight at 30,000 feet!

With demand for inflight mobile usage growing every day, not being connected while travelling will soon be a thing of the past.

“Many people don’t know that they can use their phones to send texts, make calls and connect to the internet inflight,” said Kevin Rogers, CEO of AeroMobile.

“The AeroMobile service allows passengers to use their phone inflight with the same level of connectivity they experience on the ground. Inflight mobile usage is becoming more and more popular – we are working with many airline partners including BA, Virgin Atlantic, Aer Lingus, Emirates, Lufthansa and Etihad – and more passengers than ever are using their mobile phones inflight,” Rogers continued.  

Did you know?
In July 2014 the AeroMobile network was onboard over 13,000 flights and available to 4.6 million passengers - that's 55 million passengers over the year. Which is more than the entire population of England!

Since launch, the service has had:
• over 500,000 MB of data transferred,
Which could be enough data to let you video chat on Face Time for over three months
• and more than 22 million SMS sent and received
That’s nearly one text for every person that lives in Australia!
• With AeroMobile you can use your mobile phone in-flight on over 260 aircraft across 13 airlines… on more than 500 flights per day!
• AeroMobile has over 275 roaming partners in more than 128 countries   

How does it work?
Using the service is easy! Once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude simply switch on your phone, making sure 'Airplane Mode' is off, and connect to the AeroMobile network.
You will automatically be connected to the AeroMobile network and, in many cases, will receive a welcome SMS from your home network provider outlining pricing details. You can then make and receive calls, texts, email and browse just as you would on the ground. Charges will appear on your mobile phone bill, just as they would when roaming abroad, so no credit card or onboard payment is required on the flight. Receiving a text message is free of charge.  

Top Tips on how to make the most of the AeroMobile service inflight:
• To make a voice call or send a text be sure to enter the country code of the person you are dialling, for example +44 for the UK
• If you're using a smart phone for emails, apps or internet browsing make sure data roaming is enabled on your handset

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