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GennieConnect launches revolutionary Event Wall

GenieConnect, the smarter event technology provider, today announced the launch of their event wall, designed to increase engagement onsite or online during events.
Integrated with the broad GenieConnect event participation platforms, the Event Wall adds a new dimension to the nature and level of interactivity and engagement achieved at events, by delivering a balanced variety of content to all event attendees, not just those engaging in social media.

Put simply, the GenieConnect Event Wall delivers a window on all the action at the event, while putting the organiser in full control of frequency and content. The wall can be governed by a range of controls to give organisers the right blend of content to suit their needs at any time of day; for example more session content early in the day when people are planning, and more attendee photos as the networking starts.

Connecting via a standard web browser using GenieConnect’s OmniStream; the screens, or projections, can be of any size and can contain any aspect of event content; what’s on next, social media posts, photo streams, sponsorships, game results or organiser and sponsor announcements. Like OmniStream, multiple sources of content are aggregated and controlled by the event marketer using a ‘virtual mixing desk’ within the CMS, for absolute control over what appears, what repeats and what’s featured.

Giles Welch, GenieConnect CEO, commented: “Digital signage and social walls aren’t new, but having the ability to tweak a single output to reflect the changing focus of an event certainly is. And as attendees become more engaged with event apps and social platforms at events, the range of content produced becomes more valuable. This is another part of our strategy to make the bridge between the ever increasing event activity on mobile devices and the physical event environment, including other recent developments with Beacons and NFC."

The wall design itself is fully configurable, allowing organisers to ensure that their event wall and stream match their event branding with the correct colors, images and headers.

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