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CodeGen’s international investment sees Sri Lankan team move to exciting new knowledge hub location

CodeGen, developer of the innovative TravelBox Technology, has opened a new office at an exciting new business premises in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The new office is based at the newly created, world-leading information technology park, ‘Expert City’, in the heart of the capital. 

CodeGen was behind the initiative for this exciting new park, developed in association with the government, and is the first tenant to move into these premises, taking over 30,000 square feet of the building in a renovated Colonial-era warehouse known locally as Tripoli Market.  This is in addition to their existing office premises in London. The extent of the investment by CodeGen was marked by the most senior Sri Lankan government dignitaries attending the office opening.  

The entire CodeGen Sri Lankan workforce of 250 people have moved to the IT park as the business continues to enhance the international markets and clients that the Sri Lankan team serves. A new location, built specifically for creative technology businesses, is part of CodeGen’s strategic growth plans worldwide.  

Bharat Patel, board director, CodeGen, comment: “CodeGen continues to develop globally and we are very excited about our investment in the international arm of our business as we gear up for future growth into new sectors of the travel industry. CodeGen’s status as one of the world’s most innovative travel technology providers, within the setting of an international IT hub, is a great move for us and fills us with excitement and optimism as we look to the future.”  

CodeGen already serves many large globally branded travel businesses around the world who use its enterprise platform technology. The flagship mature TravelBox platform is globally established as the technology behind several major travel and tourism organisations.

Designed specifically for the travel and tourism industry, CodeGen’s TravelBox is a complete end-to-end solution that automates business processes, everything from inventory to costing and pricing, documentation and even communication and accounts. Fully scalable to suit any size of operation, TravelBox is the established host of many large tour operators worldwide and is capable of supporting the most complex and demanding workflows in the global travel industry. CodeGen also aids businesses in the development of their strategic technology direction.

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