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Otravo renews partnership with Travelport

Travelport, a leading Travel Commerce Platform providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the $7 trillion global travel and tourism industry has today announced a renewed long term agreement with Otravo, the online travel agency behind the Dutch brands and World Ticket Center (WTC).

Otravo deploys Travelport’s travel commerce platform, including its distribution and payment solutions, to provide its customers with the best and most relevant travel offering. Otravo targets different customer groups with specific travel offers, through its online brands. It utilises Travelport’s ever expanding inventory, giving Otravo access to 400 airlines, including the LCCs, 600,000 unique hotel properties (of which 500,000 are independent hotel properties), 35,000 car rental locations, 55 cruise and tour operators and 12 major rail networks. Travelport aggregates this content, giving Otravo real time access to the most relevant choices. Travelport’s revolutionary point of sale solutions also automate travel agency workflows, improve efficiencies, encourage up-selling and enable an empowered selling experience across desktop, web and mobile applications.  

Otravo was established in 2014 from a merger of online travel agencies and WTC and has a long and proud tradition in the travel industry. Otravo and Travelport’s relationship is itself based on decades of cooperation. The lasting relationship and Travelport's focus on content provision and technology were the decisive factors for Otravo when it came to extending the partnership.  

Phillippe de Knijff, co-owner and CEO of Otravo commented: "Relevant content is the cornerstone of our company. The travel industry has become more and more complex and less transparent for our customers. We aim to show them all the relevant travel options that match their search. Travelport helps us to gather content and to present this in a clear way to our customers. Furthermore, it is crucial for us to be able to trust the system and technology that is working in the background. With Travelport, we don't have to worry about content and technology, which enables us to focus on the growth of our company and providing the best possible service to our customers. Also, Travelport offers many opportunities to support our growth in the future."  

Marco van Ieperen, General Manager Benelux at Travelport added: "I am extremely pleased that Otravo has chosen to extend our partnership. The relationship is based on a cooperation that goes back many years and we have seen how Otravo and its brands and WTC, have grown into a successful and leading online travel organisation. The coming years look very promising and we look forward to supporting the future growth of Otravo."

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