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GenieConnect enables deeper attendee engagement with in-app curated content streaming

GenieConnect, the smarter event technology provider, today introduced OmniStream, its next-generation activity stream. OmniStream allows event organisers to curate an almost unlimited variety of content – including news feeds and video platforms – to drive debate around the issues that matter to their attendees. No longer just a vehicle for generating awareness, GenieConnect’s activity stream enables organisers to encourage deeper attendee engagement with the key topics at their events..

“We’ve never been convinced about the value of activity streams that appeal exclusively to social media devotees,” said GenieConnect CEO Giles Welch. “We felt that if organisers could more carefully curate their activity stream content, they could drive debate that would engage a much broader range of attendees. We shared this idea with our clients who agreed with our approach and so OmniStream was born.”

Most organisers will use the social media elements of their activity stream to increase the visibility of their event; however, corporate clients wishing to encourage online participation but needing to keep sensitive data behind closed doors can use OmniStream as a social media platform – attendees can post comments, photos and updates on OmniStream without this information reaching the public domain.

OmniStream allows attendees to filter content according to their preferences to create a constantly refreshed, personalised activity stream including reminders for favourited sessions and relevant discussions from other visitors. Custom streams can be created for any core asset – sessions, speakers or exhibitors – meaning all content relating to those assets is gathered in a single location. OmniStream can also be used to create a social media ‘wall’ – projecting social media feeds onto a large screen to encourage attendee participation in the online debate – without the need to contract with a specialist provider. 

OmniStream supports major social media platforms such as: Microblogging sites like Twitter (accounts and hashtags) ad Weibo; photo sharing apps (Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest); Groups (LinkedIn, Google+ hangouts, Facebook, WeChat); and corporate platforms (e.g. Yammer). In addition, OmniStream allows organisers to populate their activity stream with several other types of content: event activity (e.g. organizer alerts, sponsored posts or session updates); user-generated comment on the event (exhibitors, sessions, speakers, products, etc); news sources via RSS feeds; and YouTube channels.

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