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Search ITCM Partners with, bringing their event microsites to millions of SMB users, a leading provider of mobile microsites for events, today announced a partnership with leading web development platform Wix. The new partnership enables any Wix user to incorporate an event-tech solution into their existing Wix website to promote any event they put on.

Instead of having to create a new website, or even an app to promote their event, anyone from engaged couples with a wedding website, to small business owners with a product launch, to restaurateurs with a new branch opening, will be able to embed’s solution into their existing site and enjoy all the same functionality.  

“At we’re aware that not everyone wants a complicated event-technology solution, but everyone should be able to use technology to make the most out of their event” said CEO and Co-Founder Ronny Elkayam. “This is particularly true for SMBs looking to gain a marketing edge in a tough market by using events to engage with current and potential customers. As the leading code-free SMB web solution available, partnering with Wix allows us to bring our solution to the millions of small business who use events to engage with their customers but who lack affordable technology solutions to help them optimize that experience to further their business goals.”  

Earlier this year launched the easy, fast and free creation of mobile microsites for events. The microsites have customizable tabs where users can input useful information, or offer attendees promotional content or special deals, turning the microsites into monetization hubs for events, and helping to generate traffic before and after the event, boost ticket sales, and sell merchandise and services. Now, all that functionality will be available in an easy-to-install app appearing in Wix’s dedicated app market.  

“The power of the live event cuts across all industries and verticals,” continued Elkayam. “Whether it’s for a professional or personal purpose, an event connects and motivates people in real life, and it should do the same thing on the web as well. Adapting our solution for Wix websites means we will be able to allow anyone, anywhere, and for any purpose to leverage their live event for any goal.”  

The mobile microsites also offer seamless integration of social content to further engage participants. By aggregating the social media content of event attendees, using tweets, status updates, videos and photos from Instagram, Facebook etc.,’s microsites use social media feed to foster customer interaction and drive engagement at the event.  

“Events are all about connecting people through a live experience, so it’s critical to include social media in any event-technology solution,” said Eilon Tirosh, Chairman and Co-Founder. “This new integration puts a huge amount of social media content in the hands of SMBs, giving them the tools to engage directly with their target market and helping them to succeed.”

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