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Hotelogix to conduct webinar on "The new rules for UK hotels" - 3 September 2014

On Wednesday 3rd September cloud-technology firm conducts a webinar on how small- to mid-sized UK hotels can learn to survive and thrive in a strengthening economy.
Hotelogix believes to manage competition in the marketplace, hotels should find sustainable and cost-effective solutions that can enhance their profit margins. The webinar, entitled “The New Rules for UK Hotels”, will explore the changing rules and modus operandi for independent hotels throughout the country.

The UK hospitality industry has seen a volatile growth over the last few years, but according to PWC’s 2014 UK hotels forecast, the market is gaining strength. This year, throughout the UK there has been a significant rise in occupancy, ADR, and revenue per room. However with booming business, competition also rises and over the last year the UK has seen an increase of more than 13,000 more rooms. Hotelogix thinks hotels, especially small- and mid-sized industries, need to step up their game and ensure they take the right measures to maximize their property’s potential.  

Bruce Campbell and Gerry Wilkinson from addMass Consulting will provide expert input on the webinar on simplifying business administration, with more than twenty years of business management and technology experience between them.  

Mr. Aditya Sanghi, CEO and Co-founder of Hotelogix states, “We have strategically planned the timing of the webinar keeping in mind the strengthening UK economy. Through this webinar, we shall share tips on how hotels can improve their RevPar, manage revenues, use tools like TripConnect to their full potential, compete against OTAs, and how the power of cloud based solutions can help achieve all this.”  

The webinar’s main aim is to help hotels in UK drive growth and improve revenue by making hotels aware of the numerous tools available to them and how to maximize their potential. Hotelogix wishes to ensure their customers, as well as other hotel owners, receive the support and know-how, required for them to take their ventures to the next level.

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