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GenieConnect introduces performance tools to help event organisers boost engagement

New attendee KPIs provide ‘early warning system’ to ensure event engagement 

GenieConnect, the smarter event technology provider, today announced a new analytics capability that: enables organisers to identify – in real-time – those parts of their event that are failing to engage with attendees; and empowers them to take the necessary steps to ensure optimum attendee participation. 

Event organisers can now set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for desired attendee behaviours – such as networking activity, exhibitor engagement and session sign-ups – and analyse performance against them at every stage of the event life cycle. If, for example, a large number of attendees fall significantly below the KPIs set for scheduling conference sessions, an event organiser can use GenieConnect’s award-winning marketing tool to segment these attendees into groups and send them personalised, templated messages – whether email, in-app or push – to encourage them to engage with the conference programme.

“Attendee participation is the critical success factor for any event and organisers need to know as early as possible if certain parts of their program are under-performing,” said GenieConnect CEO Giles Welch. “These new attendee KPIs essentially serve as an early warning system: by benchmarking and analysing attendee behaviour, organisers can establish that networking opportunities are being overlooked or that exhibitor engagement is low – while they still have time to fix the problem.” 

GenieConnect uses its accumulated expertise of four different event types – Corporate, Exhibition, Conference and Association – to generate industry benchmarks for attendee engagement: simply inputting the event type and anticipated attendee numbers will generate a set of KPIs that organisers can use to determine desired participation levels.  GenieConnect recommends that clients work with their Project Manager to determine appropriate levels for their particular event. 

“Analytics have to be useful – if it’s not event intelligence, it’s just numbers on a page,” said Welch. “The visitor KPIs are based around actionable data – either an area of their event or a sub-group of their attendees. If organisers have concerns about any aspect of their program, they can reach out in a targeted way to those clusters of attendees whose participation will have the most impact – without spamming the entire attendee community.”

Visitor KPIs are delivered via a series of dials on two dashboards – one provides an overview of attendee activity; and the other allows organisers to examine individual visitor profiles and to compare their activity against that of other users. Every attendee action is captured and each can be ‘weighted’ according to the importance the organiser attaches to it: for example, adding a session to an agenda might be awarded two points whereas merely viewing the same session might be awarded 0.25 points. 

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