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Hotels to see a major hike in bookings due to AxisRooms integration with GTA-Travel

AxisRooms, leaders in on-line distribution solutions in India completed its integration with GTA’s system to furnish hotels with a better reach and ease of managing inventory availability and rates on a real time basis. This partnership will bring in a significant hike in the number of bookings and driving more business to the hotels with seamless access to GTA’s multiple on-line channels.

Hotels across the world can now benefit their businesses with the integration of AxisRooms system with GTA’s system using XML Application Program Interface (API) which will help them expand their business regions and target more travelers. This partnership will comfort hotels ranging from independent, small group to chains use GTA’s systems to drive more bookings.  

Commenting on the integration Ms Leema Rosali, Director – AxisRooms said – “As we all are aware GTA-Travel being leaders in B2B travel arena, partnership with GTA makes AxisRooms a step ahead of our competitors by providing our clients a platform to generate more bookings and revenue. GTA and Axisrooms are now two-way XML-integrated for real-time online booking connectivity. All inventory and pricing related updates happen on a real time basis and are automatically updated when a booking is made. This platform will helps hotels increase their distribution and revenue. Hotels will now have an added benefit of selling their inventory to the regions which had limited exposure of their presence before.”  

Hotels will now have seamless access to penetrate the GTA’s top markets and drive more bookings. AxisRooms existing customers being already benefitted with the integration of API into its world class channel management system AR Connect.  

“Independent hotels, hotel chains and other accommodation providers rely on AxisRooms to help them sell their rooms online. They want to widen their reach to as many new customers around the world as possible, but do not have the time to manage several partnerships at once. AxisRooms works hard to build relationships with suppliers in destination hotspots and in less familiar locations, so our partnership will bring benefits to both sides: helping GTA enrich the range of accommodation options available on our retail and wholesale booking sites and via XML feed, while enabling AxisRooms to offer even greater value to its clients.”- said Ralph Melis, GTA’s Business Development Manager – Channel Management  

Going a step ahead, AxisRooms has also introduced mobile channel manager allowing hotels to manage inventory & rates on the go. With this launch, channel management system has now stepped in to a new ground of mobile applications. Currently this system is available for android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The iOS & Windows version will soon be out and available for download.

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