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Bizzabo reaches 4,000 conferences to establish position as a market leader conference networking platform

Bizzabo has announced that it has reached a major growth milestone of 4,000 professional events who've utilized their platform. The company launched in 2012 to provide a streamlined experience for event organizers to both socialize and mobilize their events, saving them time and money.  Bizzabo integrates LinkedIn and other social media platforms to build highly-interactive event communities, helping organizers, sponsors and exhibitors achieve event goals, boost visibility and increase engagement. 

Bizzabo experienced rapid growth, reaching the 4,000 conferences milestone at an industry leading pace after opening their office in NYC in 2013. The company has developed a suite of tools that can be quickly implemented to help conference organizers improve the attendee experience, provide greater actionable intelligence and enhance lead follow-up for conference organizers.

“Bizzabo allowed us to engage directly with our attendees to improve their experience and provide them a tool to network with other amazing participants – it turned our conference into a community.” says Joey Ortiz, Co-Organizer of S.H.E Summit.

Bizzabo is the first choice event platform and mobile app for thousands of events ranging from small associations events to corporate events and international conferences. Bizzabo’s database now includes more than 30,000 speakers’ profiles and 10,000 sponsors’ profiles. The company plans to use that data to help event organizers streamline their events even further.

“Our vision is to make professional events more successful and impactful to all parties involved,” says Co-founder and CEO Eran Ben-Shushan. “Bizzabo has seen this impressive adoption rate because it focuses both on improving an attendee’s experience and helping event organizers reach their business goals. Moving forward, we plan to keep innovating and disrupting the meetings industry while maximizing professionals’ event experiences.”

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