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Ipads change the face of corporate events

Brighton-based live and digital events agency AVT Connect recently launched an iPad event app for business conferences, discovering that tablet technology is a great tool for making meetings count.

CONNECT Pad® is the bespoke iPad app designed to be used at conferences, symposia, standalone meetings and a variety of corporate events.

Released in early 2014, the app has gone from strength to strength within the business community, especially where companies need to communicate key information effectively, alongside a traditional live event format.

In recent months, AVT Connect has facilitated an increasing demand for iPad events, both in the UK and internationally. They’ve even assisted multi-national companies delivering global business meetings in locations such as Milan, Casablanca and Athens and have upcoming meetings planned in Barcalona, Berlin and Amsterdam, to name but a few.

Businesses in the South East’s thriving digital media hub have also shown great interest in revolutionising the format of company meetings. CONNECT Pad® perfectly fits this aim; it’s used to communicate information instantaneously, network with peers and submit questions to the speaker. AVT Connect have even included live-voting, surveys and games to boost audience participation at usually traditional corporate events, proving that iPads are a great all-round meetings facilitator for both small and large businesses.

AVT Connect CEO Jon Fox explains: ‘Already we’re finding that the demand for CONNECT Pad® is substantial. With iPad event technology we can provide an unprecedented level of engagement and return-on-investment, something that every business needs in the digital era. ’

Research in recent months also cites the rise of dual-screen culture and an increasing preference for iPads over desktop machines for the staggering uptake of digital event technology. Hardly surprising then, that many businesses are adopting tablets as an engagement tool for their company meetings.

And the benefits don’t stop once the event is over - data captured at the event is used to give organisers detailed employee insight, find out where the company is doing well and to target areas for improvement, an innovation which a traditional event alone simply cannot offer.

Watch out for the iPad coming soon to a company conference near you!

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