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WorldSIM slashes the rates on their travel SIM card for the Football in Brazil

WorldSIM, known for their award winning international SIM card, have slashed their Brazil rates by as much as 80%. The international roaming specialist now offers free international roaming in Brazil, calls within Brazil for 28p / 30c (USD) per minute and calls from Brazil to the UK for 8p / 15c per minute – which is just a fraction of the costs of other mobile operators are charging. Not only do UK customers benefit but anyone with the WorldSIM SIM card can all from Brazil to any country worldwide for as much as 80% less.

3.7 million people are expected to travel over the next 6 weeks for the football in Brazil this year, many of which could pay up to £1.30 to answer a call and £1.75 per minute to call within Brazil or back to the UK with other operators.

Arif Reza, CEO at WorldSIM commented “The only alternative option for people that will travel to Brazil this summer is to get a local Brazilian SIM card but then may face language barriers when topping up, high call charges when calling back home and anyone that wants to contact them will have to pay the cost of calling a Brazilian number. Our dramatic price reduction will help people travelling to Brazil to stay in contact without breaking the bank.”

It’s estimated that the average foreign tourist will attend four football matches in Brazil and spend approximately £1485 during their stay – excluding the cost of international roaming.

Sometimes adding up to thousands, international roaming can cost more that the trip itself, WorldSIM’s huge price drop will enable tourists to Brazil to keep these costs to a minimum. WorldSIM is one of the few; if not the only company to offer free incoming calls in Brazil, which means travellers can answer calls from friends, family and business contacts without any costs involved.

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