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Top Connect launches data only package ahead of the World Cup

Telecoms leader Top Connect has announced that it has added a new service to its regular TravelSim voice and data roaming service - a data only option with unbeatable rates and free incoming calls.
TravelSim Data is a completely independent SIM Card from other well-known TravelSim services. It has more options in terms of cheap data usage in numerous countries and offers data packs in an easy to use manner. Voice and SMS messaging are also included with the data only card.

The data only card will appeal to many audiences including the hundreds of thousands of football fans travelling to the World Cup in Brazil next month, enabling them to send selfies and other images to friends and families back home at minimum cost in 105 countries.

Importantly, and thanks to Top Connect's unique relationship with fellow Estonian company Skype, families and friends can contact holders of TravelSim data numbers when in Brazil for free.

Students, holidaymakers and business travellers are expected to be heavy users of the new data service. Top Connect's TravelSim brand is the world's leading international roaming card service with a user base of over 4 million. More than 80,000 new subscribers sign up for the dial back service each month.

The firm recently embarked upon a "Think Global, Act Local" business strategy and is progressively rolling out local numbers for the most popular countries visited by businessmen and holidaymakers.

TravelSim USA with +1 and TravelSim UK with +44 numbers are already available. Incoming calls to these local numbers are free from 66 countries, as are incoming SMS messages. Outgoing calls and data have the same unbeatable price plans as the regular TravelSim service.

TravelSim regular and data only cards can be ordered via the TravelSim website or from Top Connect's worldwide network of distributors.

Thanks to its agreements with tier one GSM providers around the globe, TravelSim provides a high quality, low cost service that can save customers up to 85% on making calls while abroad. It also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries and free worldwide SMS. TravelSim products can be used in 190 countries.

"In this always-connected online world, data roaming has now become the preferred communication method for mobile users to keep in touch office, customers, friends and family when abroad," says Mikhail Markin, Head of TravelSim's Product Development. "Top Connect's new TravelSim Data product has been developed with this in mind and is their perfect solution."

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