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GenieConnect is first #EventTech provider to implement iBeacon-enabled Android event apps

GenieConnect, the smarter technology provider for the events industry, has become the first event technology provider to support iBeacon on both Apple and Google Android devices.
Now, attendees using any Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled Apple or Android device can download an event app from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play platform, and take advantage of the wide range of new iBeacon-enabled capabilities being introduced by event organisers.

Google’s Android operating system – widely used on mobile phones from manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC – has no native iBeacon capabilities. However, Apple recently released the iBeacon specifications allowing other manufacturers to create iBeacon-compatible devices. Thanks to the efforts of its development team, GenieConnect is the first event technology provider to offer iBeacon compatibility in its event apps for attendees with Android devices.

GenieConnect CEO Giles Welch commented: ”iBeacon is potentially a huge breakthrough for the events industry, adding location-specific insights to the behavioural data our event technology already captures. However, Android phones now account for around 80% of smartphone shipments and iBeacons need to embrace this user base if it is to hit the mainstream – I’m proud that our development team is the first to make this a reality.”

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