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Etherlive helps event organisers monitor crowds

As event organisers deliver more complex sites and cater for higher attendances, Etherlive has upgraded its smart crowd monitoring system (LEFA) for the 2014 season. LEFA (Live Event Footfall Analytics) now includes dynamic and static systems for 2014, following an increased focus on crowd management after the deaths of 21 festival goers at Love Parade in Germany in 2010*.

LEFA counts and monitors the movements of people at an event either from existing or specially installed cameras. LEFA uses advanced algorithms, ‘seeing’ the body and only counting it once. The system operates in static mode, monitoring people who pass through a specific line or within a specific zone, or dynamic monitoring entire crowds for behavioural patterns (such as moshing or flares).

LEFA units are linked to the Etherlive network to provide on-site or remote monitoring. Data such as live counts can be accessed during the event alongside a reporting service which provides post-event documentation.

The system has in the past been used to monitor safety at the PSP Southampton Boat Show, observing the maximum concurrent people using the marina area at once. The technology can also be used to increase revenue during future events by using data to strategically place concessions, merchandising stands and sponsor positions to maximise exposure. 

Etherlive is recognised as a leading provider of technology for the events sector, working to find solutions to industry challenges.

Tom McInerney, Etherlive's director, commented: “As crowds increase and site layouts become more complex we know it’s critical for organisers to effectively monitor movement and behaviour. Our LEFA platform delivers another level of event intelligence, which organisers and their security teams can use to minimise risk.”

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