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Hotelogix conducts free Green Technology Webinar for Hoteliers tomorrow at 5pm, Thurs 17 April

Over 600 worldwide registrations to join 'The Color of Money for Hoteliers in 2014' Hotelogix invites UK hoteliers to join live webinar

Cloud-based, hospitality technology solution Hotelogix is conducting a free webinar - Green Technology – The Color of Money for Hoteliers in 2014, this Thursday 17th of April at 5pm UK time.
Hotelogix has signed up over 600 hoteliers worldwide for the free webinar already, which will be delivered by eminent green hospitality industry professional Naomi Stark, along with Dr. Daniel Connolly.

Whilst the call has been growing within the industry to go green, Hotelogix sees it is time for hoteliers to make responsible choices. Hoteliers across the globe are realising that by going green, not only can they contribute significantly towards their environment but also increase profitability. Green Technology is helping hotels increase sustainability whilst reducing consumption and costs. >From low flow faucets and toilets, to paperless newspaper delivery on iPads, energy efficient equipment, intelligent lighting and heating, and cloud PMS systems, Green Technology practices have made substantial impact on the bottom line revenues of hotels. Such practices go a long way in reducing a hotel’s carbon footprint and creating an environmentally friendly destination which guests love to stay in and talk about within their group.  

The two speakers will address how hoteliers can reach their goal of going green, as well as evaluate how green their property actually is. The speakers will demonstrate green technologies that can increase sustainability while decreasing consumption and costs.  

“The current green technology trend in the hospitality industry is: fully embracing it. Many have been reaping significant financial benefits for several years from their aggressive green initiatives. For those that have not as of yet fully embraced Green Technology, the time is now and this webinar is your next step. The facts show, green technology is not a fad, it is essential in sustaining your operation, we will help you identify what options make sense for your property,” comments speaker, Naomi Stark.  

“Most all major hotel brands have some form of green programs in place.  This is necessary and beneficial, both socially and economically.  However, many of the large brands show approximately only 50% of their properties participating in the initiatives they’ve created.  One benchmarking source shows that overall, the Hotel Industry represents one of the smallest industry sectors to become “certified” – at just 2%.  We have come a long way, but we aren’t there yet!  We need to catch up quickly, as more change is coming,” states Stark.  

Hotelogix works on empowering the small and mid-sized hotels not just in terms of providing software solutions but also by exposing them to practices through which they can manage their hotels more effectively and responsibly. Mr. Aditya Sanghi, CEO and Co-founder of Hotelogix states, “Naomi is a renowned expert in the hospitality sector and has helped several hotels embrace and profitably implement Green Technologies in US. We are glad to have such a renowned panel of experts talk and demonstrate Green Technologies to hoteliers.”  

Hoteliers can sign up here to take part:

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