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A responsive tablet solution for hotels and restaurants gathering customer feedback launches

With the hospitality industry booming and growth on the horizon, The Luxury Academy has developed an innovative new way in which restaurants, hotels and other leisure outlets can measure client satisfaction and improve for the future. Harnessing the power of modern technology, the unique Engage! Instant Feedback tablet software application for tablets encourages guests to give their feedback on a hotel or a restaurant, allowing those monitoring customer service to have a real-time view of actual satisfaction levels.

The UK has recently smashed through the £20bn spend barrier for incoming tourism, and establishments like hotels and restaurants have been among those to benefit most from this spending influx. Luxury Academy’s Engage! offers the hospitality industry a way to seamlessly collect feedback from guests in a way which is unparalleled – through a simple tablet with touch screen capability. This intuitive, groundbreaking system allows guests and clients to tell management exactly what their experience was like in seconds.

Response rates for conventional feedback surveys or questionnaires handed out on departure from a restaurant or hotel traditionally have very low response rates, some as small as 15%. These surveys tend to have 20-30 questions, and the system for returning them to the hotel or restaurant is often complicated and drawn-out. The Engage! Instant Feedback system does exactly that – it offers businesses a way to collect comments on the spot from their clients, through a maximum of five questions and a star rating system – simple, efficient and a great way for management teams to gather real-time information that can be channelled into future improvements.

Paul Russell Director of The Luxury Academy says, “Our unique software for tablet devices empowers clients in hotels and restaurants to get their opinion across without having to sit and fill out a form for half an hour, or take the time to post it back to the hotel or restaurant they went to. Guests simply answer a few basic questions before choosing a star rating and submitting their review. It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s helping to change the way businesses in these industries collect that all important feedback from their prized clients.”

During the development process, the team behind Engage! surveyed 500 people on the streets of London, to ask whether the solution was something they would respond to. An overwhelming 88% of those asked said they would fill out the simple form and choose a star rating; more than quadruple any other estimated response rates for the methods hotels and restaurants currently use to gather feedback.

When used in a restaurant, Engage! Instant Feedback is simple. The waiter can bring a tablet pre-loaded with the software over with the bill and ask for some quick feedback. The touchscreen facility allows users to answer their questions, give a star rating and the whole ordeal of giving feedback and comments is done. In other examples, tablets can be positioned at convenient points around a hotel, such as entrances and exits to conference facilities, spas, gyms, bars and dining areas, and presented to clients on check-out. Their size and wireless capability makes tablets an ingenious way to gather feedback thanks to portability and the ease with which they can be presented to clients around the premises. Tablets installed with Engage! Quickly become easy-to-use, interactive systems which actively encourage customers to air their views and get their thoughts heard.

The system is also uniquely pro-active and can help to nip bad reviews in the bud before they become a problem thanks to the clever manager alert function. When the system logs a review from a guest that has experienced a problem, an email is sent directly from the software to the manager’s smartphone or guest services department. This means the relevant stakeholder can react while the guest or customer is still on the premises. If the alert isn't acknowledged in 10 minutes, it's escalated and will then continue to be escalated right up to the GM. This cleaver feature helps to cut down on bad feedback on popular review sites, making it a critical part of reputation management.

The reports dashboard allows hotels and restaurants to then analyse their cumulative feedback and look for trends which can help to drive the business forwards and pinpoint areas for improvement.

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