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ITCM Website moulds itself to the markets: China has reached Number 5

If a printed magazine wishes to adjust its reach to suit changing world markets, it takes time and lots of research and investment. Take, for example, China as a source of delegates, groups and visitors?

To reach those Chinese who are engaged in this sector, who understand English, and then to add their addresses to a circulation would be a mammoth and expensive task.

But ITCM Website moulds itself to the changing markets. The Chinese, for example, are identifying ITCM as a valuable source of information and flocking to read it. This time last year China was tenth in the list of countries looking into the ITCM Website and the Chinese were viewing 3.842 pages. Now, in March 2014, China is country number 5 on the list and the Chinese visitors are viewing 26,906 29,911 pages – 800% growth.

Rather than looking for market changes and then making adjustments, ITCM itself is the source of information on what changes are taking place. They can be seen in the statistics we receive daily.

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